Watch this space for the custom-engineered 700-BB autofire-ready clip for the Classic Drozd (also known as the "Bumblebee")

The clip-fed Classic Drozd, while supplies last!














Classic clip-fed Drozd
    Snyperskaya-Innova Barrel red dot sight MP-661K Drozd Blackbird
    Snyperskaya-Innova BarrelRed Dot Sight"The Gat" Drozd Blackbird (Refurbished)

    Significantly improves accuracy and range

    Ideal for rapid-fire, high accuracy shooting

    BB machine gun with FULL AUTOFIRE chip installed. Only two available! Limited-time rebates on accessories!!




    Authorized seller and repair station. Call us about Drozd Blackbird autofire chip upgrades! 626.644.6679 (US)

    Export orders welcome...we ship worldwide.