Watch this space for the custom-engineered 700-BB autofire-ready clip for the Classic Drozd (also known as the "Bumblebee")

The clip-fed Classic Drozd, while supplies last!














Classic clip-fed Drozd
    Snyperskaya-Innova Barrel red dot sight MP-661K Drozd Blackbird
    Snyperskaya-Innova BarrelRed Dot Sight"The Gat" Drozd Blackbird (Refurbished)

    Significantly improves accuracy and range

    Ideal for rapid-fire, high accuracy shooting

    BB machine gun with FULL AUTOFIRE chip installed. Only two available!




    Authorized seller and repair station. Call us about Drozd Blackbird autofire chip upgrades! 626.644.6679 (US)

    Export orders welcome...we ship worldwide.