Classic Clip-Fed Drozd "Bumblebee"

Classic clip-fed Drozd
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Classic Drozd

The Full Automatic-Fire Clip-Fed Drozd Bumblebee (above).

We're inspired by Vasily Zaytsev, the famed "Enemy at the Gates" sniper who killed 400+ German soldiers and officers during the Battle of Stalingrad, to offer the classic Drozd "Bumblebee!" Zaytsev (at left) was so accurate that some of his confirmed kills were at distances of more than 1,100 yards!

This is the classic, factory standard, one-BB-one-bullseye Baikal Drozd Bumblebee airgun with a 30-BB clip.


Don't underestimate the power and quality of the classic Drozd! The latest version clip-fed Drozd is modular, and we have a wide range of accessories to make this Russian-made BB airgun sing! This is the perfect platform to custom upgrade using our accessories like the Snyperskaya-Innova™ barrel.

Classic Drozd

Dasha takes aim with the Drozd, shown with the Snyperskaya-Innova™ barrel (above).

Classic Drozd

And here it is shown with our accessory red dot sight attached (above).

The Drozd is powered by a standard Co2 cartridge and six AAA batteries. The airgun has selectable fire rates (1=single shot, 2=three round burst, 3=six round burst) and cycle speed controls (300 rounds per minute, 450 rounds per minute, 600 rounds per minute). The pistol-style magazine holds 30 BBs.

Includes a two-part AR-15-style shoulder stock and a 350 BB loader.

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