They're back! NEW Drozd Blackbirds...

And we've installed the full auto-fire chip

Drozd Blackbird with full auto-fire chip installed


ONLY HERE: New 30-shot FULL AUTOMATIC-FIRE Drozd Bumblebees!

Drozd Bumblebee with full auto-fire chip installed

Blackbird shown with high-capacity CO2 cylinder AR-15-style Shoulder Stock Faux silencer
NEW Blackbird with Full-Auto Chip InstalledAR-15-style Shoulder StockFaux silencer

Installed chip converts settings into 1-3-Full Auto! Includes Direct Air adapter

Fits the Drozd, the Snyperskaya Rifle, the Gat, and the Blackbird. It replaces the original shoulder stock.

This faux silencer is suitable for all Drozd Blackbird models.It fits both Blackbird and Bumblebee models.




Classic clip-fed Drozd Snyperskaya-Innova Frictionless Barrel red dot sight
Full-Auto Clip-Fed Drozd "Bumblebee"Snyperskaya-Innova Frictionless BarrelRed Dot Sight

Latest version and fully automatic fire! Order today!!

Significantly improves accuracy and range

Ideal for rapid-fire, high accuracy shooting




Direct Air Adapter for Drozd Blackbird Bulk-Tank Co2 and HPA Adapter for Classic Clip-Fed Drozd
Direct Air Adapter for Drozd BlackbirdContinuous Air Adapter for Drozd Bumblebee

Attaches to all paintball air sources and tanks

Continuous Air Adapter for High-Pressure Air tanks



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