They're back! NEW Drozd Blackbirds...

And we've installed the full auto-fire chip

Drozd Blackbird with full auto-fire chip installed


ONLY HERE: New 30-shot FULL AUTOMATIC-FIRE Drozd Bumblebees!

Drozd Bumblebee with full auto-fire chip installed

Blackbird shown with high-capacity CO2 cylinder Classic clip-fed Drozd Classic clip-fed Drozd
NEW Blackbird with Full-Auto Chip InstalledFull-Auto Clip-Fed Drozd "Bumblebee"Classic Clip-Fed Drozd "Bumblebee"

Installed chip converts settings into 1-3-Full Auto! Includes Direct Air adapter

Latest version and fully automatic fire! Order today!!

The factory-standard classic Drozd Bumblebee




Snyperskaya-Innova Frictionless Barrel red dot sight Direct Air Adapter for Drozd Blackbird
Snyperskaya-Innova Frictionless BarrelRed Dot SightDirect Air Adapter for Drozd Blackbird

Significantly improves accuracy and range

Ideal for rapid-fire, high accuracy shooting

Attaches to all paintball air sources and tanks




Bulk-Tank Co2 and HPA Adapter for Classic Clip-Fed Drozd
Continuous Air Adapter for Drozd Bumblebee

Continuous Air Adapter for High-Pressure Air tanks


Authorized seller and repair station. Call us about Drozd Blackbird autofire chip upgrades! 626.644.6679 (US)

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