Direct Air Adapter for Drozd Blackbird

Direct Air Adapter for Drozd Blackbird
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This is the adapter you WANT for your Drozd Blackbird! Made of stainless steel...the best and strongest adapter out there. These Blackbird direct air adapters are made by aerospace machinists and are bead blasted for a beautiful satin finish and maximum durability.

This adapter allows you to attach into the Blackbird air port all paintball air sources and tanks: high pressure air (HPA); CO2; coily hoses; etc. It is very easy to screw on and off by hand or snug it with a wrench.

Never breaks (not common mild steel) and threads of this adapter will never die. There are cheaper ones, but this is the best! If you want it black, spray it with auto touch-up paint...but why?

If you buy an auto-fire Blackbird, you will want this. Think of the money you will save with HPA as a propellant. And there will be no freezing, a common problem with C02.