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The Drozd Bumblebee is powered by a standard Co2 cartridge and four AAA batteries. With the installed full automatic-fire chip, the airgun has selectable fire rates (1=single shot, 2=three round burst, 3=full auto) and cycle speed controls (300 rounds per minute, 450 rounds per minute, 600 rounds per minute).

The pistol-style magazine holds 30 BBs. DrozdWorld recommends adding our Continuous Air Adapter to your order so you can connect your Bumblebee to air sources like paintball tanks. You can expect to drain several clips of BBs, one after another, using a full external air tank. Imagine draining each 30-BB clip with just one squeeze of the trigger!


Bulk-Tank Co2 and HPA Adapter for Classic Clip-Fed Drozd Snyperskaya-Innova Frictionless Barrel red dot sight
Continuous Air Adapter for Drozd BumblebeeSnyperskaya-Innova Frictionless BarrelRed Dot Sight

Continuous Air Adapter for High-Pressure Air tanks

Significantly improves accuracy and range

Ideal for rapid-fire, high accuracy shooting