Snyperskaya-Innova Frictionless Barrel

Snyperskaya-Innova Frictionless Barrel
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Snyperskaya-Innova barrel

Yevgeny Dragunov Inspired by the "Snyperskaya Vintovka Dragunova" created by designer Yevgeny Dragunov, the Snyperskaya-Innova™ frictionless extended tactical barrel significantly improves all Baikal Drozd airguns, including the classic clip-fed Drozd Bumblebee and the Drozd Blackbird.

Dragunov was awarded the Lenin Prize and posthumously the State Prize of the Russian Federation for his Snyperskaya. Your prize will be target-shredding groupings with the easy-to-install Snyperskaya-Innova™ barrel.

tight groupings

This target was mounted on ¾-inch epoxy-glued chip board. Wow, look at that destruction!

The stock barrel's spiral hex rifling imparts spin to each BB, and the Snyperskaya-Innova™ extension barrel frictionlessly leverages this angular momentum for enhanced accuracy and range.

Snyperskaya-Innova barrel

The Extension Barrel fits all Drozd models. Here it is on a Drozd Blackbird (above).

Snyperskaya-Innova barrel

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